Method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaning Spray - 28 oz - Lime + ...



Brand: method

Details: clementine: If your mission is to put the hurt on dirt, then here are yournew partners against grime. New technologypack a mighty cleaning punch using naturally derived, nontoxicingredients. The cleaners, derived from corn + coconut,break down dirt naturally, so every spray leaves nothingbehind but a fresh scent and gleaming clean.And the biodegradable formula is safe for every surface: tile,marble, sealed wood, metal, and most importantly, you. as the zesty kid sister to the orange, our sweet clementine often feels that she's not taken seriously. we think serious is overrated anyway. but from here forward, we decree that she be known as the patron citrus of all that is good, clean, bright + cheery. hear, hear!

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