A Book of Hebrew Letters



Author: Mark H. Podwal

Brand: Brand: Jason Aronson, Inc.


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Number Of Pages: 1

Publisher: Jason Aronson, Inc.

Release Date: 01-10-1992

Details: The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are not considered by the Jewish sages to be merely forms that make up words, but rather the fundamental elements that the Almighty uses to create the world. Throughout the centuries these letters have also served to release a well of Jewish creativity. Their graphic beauty and the rich folklore that surrounds them have inspired generations of Jewish artists to sublime efforts.
This collection of drawings is such an achievement. Working in a mode that combines traditional Jewish styles with his own distinctive line and vision, Mark Podwal has conceived this series of twenty-two drawings, each illustrating, in Hebrew alphabetic sequence, a term deriving from Jewish tradition and experience.
Thus for aleph, the first letter, the artist has chosen to portray Aleph-Beth (alphabet), a fitting introduction to this Book of Hebrew Letters. Tav, the last letter, is represented by Torah. In between are such pictures as Tallit (prayer shawl) for the letter teth, Megillah (scroll) for mem, and Shalom (peace) for shin.
Dr. Mark Podwal has distinguished himself as one of the most creative and inventive Jewish artists of our time. His work appears regularly in The New York Times and has been reproduced in publications here and abroad. Dr. Podwal has also collaborated with Elie Wiesel on many projects, creating the drawings for a number of Mr. Wiesel's books. In addition, the Congressional Gold Medal that President Ronald Reagan presented to Elie Wiesel was designed by Dr. Podwal.
The drawings in A Book of Hebrew Letters, accompanied by the artist's calligraphy - and enhanced by his illuminating notes - together form a cluster of visual metaphors that will both delight the eye and intrigue the mind.

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