Professional Take-Home Whitening With Mini LED Light

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VIP Smiles Professional Teeth Whitening with Mini LED Light by Dr. Catrise Austin – Dentist Office Strength- Whiter Teeth – Gain a Confident Smile For Less! Discover How to Take Your Smile to the Next Level – The Professional Way!


How long does Professional Take Home Whitening take?

You will usually see results on average between 3-14 days. 

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(2) 5ml Professional Strength Whitening Gels

(1) Duplex Thermosense Technology Tray

(1) Mini Accelerator LED Light

(2) Vitamin E Swabs

(1) Teeth Whitening Tray Case

(1) Teeth Whitening Pro Shade Guide



Propylene Glycol, Kosher Glycerine, Hydrogen Peroxide,

Carbomer, Peppermint Essential Oil, Triethanolamine


Professional Take-Home Whitening Benefits:

  • Safe when applied to healthy, clean teeth and when instructions for use are precisely followed.
  • Works well for people with mild to moderate teeth discoloration
  • Stronger whitening gel than most over-the-counter products
  • You're in control of the whitening process. You can stop when you feel you’ve reached your desired level of whiteness.
  • Because the whitening trays that are reusable, this product is great for whitening touchups and maintenance. 
  • How effective is Professional Take-Home Whitening? Results may vary, but most teeth will lighten an average of 4 shades with this process.


Warning: If you have any dental questions or exhibit signs of gum disease or cavities, consult your local dentist before use.

On day 1, use the teeth whitening shade guide to document your pre-whitening color. Brush your teeth before each whitening treatment. Remove the cap from the whitening gel and apply the dispensing tip to the tube of whitening gel. Dispense .5ml of gel into the inside of the tray on both the upper and lower portion of the tray. Spread the gel evenly to ensure that all teeth will whiten. Replace the original cap on the gel. Insert the duplex whitening tray in your mouth. Make sure that you do not use too much gel to avoid irritation of your soft tissues (gums and lips). Wipe off any excess gel from your soft tissues with dry cotton or a towel (do not use your fingers).

Mini Light:

After inserting the tray with the gel in your mouth, plug the LED Accelerator Light into the tray. Turn on the light.

Treatment Duration:

Wear the tray for 15 minutes per treatment. Continue to swallow any saliva with the tray in your mouth. After 15 minutes, remove the tray and rinse your mouth with water. Remove the LED light and rinse the tray with water. Store it in your case until next use.

Wear the trays daily until you achieve optimum results. You should be able to do 5-7 treatments for each 5ml tube of gel.

Vitamin Swab:

If you experience any tissue irritation, you can use vitamin E on the affected area. Simply break open the vitamin E swab at the red line and hold upright. Gravity will cause the vitamin E oil to absorb the bottom of the of the vitamin E swab, then gently rub on the affected area. Wait 1-2 days to resume whitening and make sure to use less whitening gel.

Contact your local dentist should you experience extreme sensitivity or pain during the whitening experience.

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